From The Heart Church Ministries® of Dallas

2116 W Brooklyn Ave

Dallas, TX 75208


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From the Heart Church Ministries® of Dallas

(Who we are)

We are one of many From the Heart local churches established throughout the world to co-labor with the From the Heart Church Ministries® Worldwide, under the leadership of Episcopal Pastor John A. Cherry. Our vision, plan, and motivation are as follows:


Vision of the Church 

The Vision is our original instructions from God. From the Heart Church Ministries® is called to be a type of Philippian church. Our vision is to:


1.  LOVE GOD, which means we have a true relationship with Him through His Son, Jesus Christ, and we are seeking His will, not His benefits.

2.  HATE SIN, which means we have a desire to root out sin in our lives and in the lives of others.

3.  LOVE TO GIVE, which means we give of ourselves, spiritually, administratively and financially to the glory and honor of God and the destruction of the works of the devil.


 Plan of the Church 

The Plan is how we plan to accomplish the vision. The plan of From the Heart is to:

1.  PREACH THE GOSPEL, which means we have a correct interpretation of the Word of God.

2.  BUILD THE INFRASTRUCTURE, which means all church functions help eradicate member needs so that them that believe and are on one accord suffer no lack in any area of their life.

3.  REFORM THE CHURCH, which means God has called this local church to be at the forefront of the Reformation of the Church universal.

Motivation of the Church

The Motivation is why we are carrying out the plan. The general motivation of From the Heart Church is LOVE. Everything we do is motivated out of the fact that God has called us, as Christians, to love one another. Our motivation causes us to:


1.  SEEK AND SAVE THE LOST, which means we preach Jesus to all who are without Him.

2.  DESTROY THE WORKS OF THE DEVIL, which means we do not participate in any unrighteousness and have made a decision to pull away from the world’s system.

3.  LEAVE A DEPOSIT FOR THE NEXT GENERATION, which means we want to replenish the earth and leave a ministry that will stand the test of time and live beyond our natural lives.